Malifaux Mondays – July 18th 2016

Top table will be streamed on Twitch at, featuring Matt Beasley who is the current ladder leader, plus whomever is brave enough to challenge him! Deployment: Standard (2) Strategy: Headhunter / Squatter’s Rights (8) Schemes: (13, 8) Take Prisoner (Doubles) Hunting Party () Occupy Their Turf (13) Search The Ruins (8) Convict Labor (Always)

Dead Man’s Hand – 50SS tournament October 22/23 2016

I’m excited to announce our first 2-day Malifaux tournament! Green Lake Games in conjunction with St Andrew’s Pub will be hosting a two day, 5 round tournament in Seattle on October 22nd and 23rd. Key data is below. Prize support includes play mats from Sparkle Party Death Mats, laser cut accessories from Miner Creations, mystery […]