Watchtower Tutorial – Part III – Painting



Firstly, I need to apologize for not having this tutorial finished sooner. As you can see from the painted watchtower in this image, I’ve definitely finished the model already (and had done before I started this tutorial). However, two things have delayed me in finishing this series:

  1. The base didn’t turn out how I wanted it to
  2. The lighting was poor for the photos of the painting

As a result, I’m putting in this final post that shows what the finished model looks like along with a quick reference for painting.

Watchtower - Brick Edge

  • Stone: a textured paint like GW’s Astrogranite on the walls and a non-textured version on the bricks (I used Eshin Grey), then drybrush the stone with two or three lighter shades (e.g. Dawnstone, Celestra Gray, Terminatus Stone)
  • Wood: a dark brown base (Rhinox Hide), shade with black and drybrush with lighter brown (e.g. XV-88) and bone colors.
  • Moss: a dark green base (Caliban Green), then drybrush with mid-green (Warboss) and yellow.
  • Window: paint the interior black, and the exterior with the grays used for the stone.

Use a large brush for all of your painting and drybrushing here. Don’t spend your money on expensive brushes as the paint job doesn’t require them and the textured paint and sand will fray the ends. You can purchase half-inch flat brushes pretty cheaply in any arts and crafts store, and I suggest you use those.

Watchtower - Roof

I’ll be building a second Watchtower model to match this one, and showing how to make a (better) base for it, along with using magnets to enable re-positioning of the towers so that your scenery doesn’t look the same every time.

I also intend to build some good extra pieces to combine with the Watchtowers for the same reasons (e.g. crenellations, battlements, ladders and so forth), and as I build them for myself I’ll make sure and take photos and include a how-to guide here on the blog.