Herald Update Dec 3rd 2012

I’ve added the ability to save your report, which actually starts to make the software really usable. It’s a little bit ghetto, but easy enough to use. In the Game tab, click the “Export Report” button and a bunch of text will appear in a text area which you can then save in a file, e-mail to your buddy, whatever. Copy and paste that same text back into the text area and hit “Load Report” and you’re back in business.

Final features to be implemented should be done this week. I’ll be adding action icons to indicate things like shooting, death, and so forth. And most importantly, I’ll show battle damage to units, so that you can see the strength of the unit deteriorate (and grow, if you’re pesky undead) over the course of the battle. Once that’s all complete, I’ll take Herald out of alpha and start announcing the beta to a wider audience.