In an effort to get more information on Warhammer, I’ve been listening to some podcasts that I found via iTunes. It’s been a good way to fill in the time during my commute.

The Dwellers Below

As long as you don’t mind the strong language, these Australian gamers are great to listen to. Several of the regulars on the show have been very highly ranked nationally and internationally and so you can get a lot of insight into the game from them. It’s also interesting (for me personally) to see how different the meta-game in Melbourne is.

It takes a few episodes to be able to tell the voices and personalities apart, but the quality of the content is high. I recommend starting with one of their army book review podcasts. They often have tournament reviews which can be good, depending on how much depth they go into on their armies. Sometimes they just talk about how drunk they were rather than focusing on the game 🙂

Of particular note to me, they did an overview of how to play with the Wood Elf army (they suggest lots of Treemen and Treekin and a Spellweaver with Lore of Life).


I found these guys to be a little long-winded, but they are also one of the few podcasts that are family friendly (or at least not listed as explicit). So, as long as you don’t mind a bunch of stuff that’s either not related to Warhammer, or that’s related but only about Warhammer in the Ohio / Midwest area of the US, then it’s not a bad choice.

Bad Dice

I had high hopes for Bad Dice because it’s hosted by Ben Curry who lives near Games Workshop HQ and who has been involved in play-testing some of their products. However, I was disappointed because he and his co-hosts go off into strange asides that are just not that interesting, and it starts to sound more like you’re listening in on three buddies talking to each other with all their in-jokes, rather than to a podcast about your hobby meant for public consumption. I haven’t yet listened to their daily podcast, which (given that it’s shorter) might be less meandering 🙂

As I listen to more I’ll add them in here, along with my feedback.

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