Malifaux Mondays – July 25th 2016

Matt Beasley (@M__Beasley on Twitter) continues to dominate King of the Hill at Malifaux Mondays, defeating Michael Kamin 8-7 in a hard fought Headhunter battle on Monday 18th.


However, there will be no live stream this Monday as our resident video guru is off hiking in the Olympic Mountains! Normal service will resume once he gets back to civilization, hopefully having survived the wild bear attacks.


July 25th Scheme Pool. Also, last chance to be part of the prize draw for July!


Deployment: Corner (9)
Strategy: Interference / Reconnoiter (7)

Schemes: (7, 1)

  • Take Prisoner (Doubles)
  • Exhaust Their Forces ()
  • Set Up (7)
  • Covert Breakthrough (1)
  • Convict Labor (Always)

Malifaux Mondays – July 18th 2016


Top table will be streamed on Twitch at, featuring Matt Beasley who is the current ladder leader, plus whomever is brave enough to challenge him!
Deployment: Standard (2)
Strategy: Headhunter / Squatter’s Rights (8)
Schemes: (13, 8)

  • Take Prisoner (Doubles)
  • Hunting Party ()
  • Occupy Their Turf (13)
  • Search The Ruins (8)
  • Convict Labor (Always)

Dead Man’s Hand – 50SS tournament October 22/23 2016


I’m excited to announce our first 2-day Malifaux tournament! Green Lake Games in conjunction with St Andrew’s Pub will be hosting a two day, 5 round tournament in Seattle on October 22nd and 23rd. Key data is below. Prize support includes play mats from Sparkle Party Death Mats, laser cut accessories from Miner Creations, mystery boxes and limited editions from Wyrd and more! Guild scrip will be given to the best placed after victory points, as well as best painted as voted by the participants.

As this is the first 5-round tournament in the Seattle area (as far as I’m aware – apologies if I’m wrong!) I want to make things a little easier so the round time is increased, and schemes are available ahead of time to help ease the crew selection process.


  • 50 Soulstones, single faction
  • Gaining Grounds 2016 schemes (full breakdown below)
  • All crews must be fully painted, 3-color minimum
  • 2 hours per round
  • Doors open at high noon on October 22nd, Round 1 begins 1pm

Tickets are at Eventbrite. Full details are on the Wyrd Forum.