Army Update – November 16th 2012

Glade Guard - Front Rank

I’ve finished the first five of the Wood Elf Glade Guard (this is likely the front rank). You can see that I switched my medium/leather brown for the fifth elf (on the far right). I’m not happy with either the Privateer Press brown or the Citadel one (I was recommended XV-88 by the GW staff member), so I’ve now bought a few Vallejo Model Paints to try. Expect an upcoming article soon where I paint three identical cloaks using five paints from each manufacturer in a nail-biting Mega Cloak Paint-off!

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

Ahem. Sorry, got carried away. These fine chaps are the Tactical Squad of Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. Not the best of photos (little bit too much depth of field) but it gives an idea. I’ve marked them up as 6th Company, 1st squadron (which I think technically makes them veterans, but whatever – 1 is easier to paint than just about any other number).

I’m also aiming to start an online battle report on – it’ll be Warhammer, Wood Elves vs Wood Elves. The twist is that it’s a Drycha-led Forest Spirit army vs an all-Elf army. One kicker is that lack of Mac-friendly software for battle reports. Me being me, this has led to an experiment with making a JavaScript battle reporter, one that will work on Mac, Windows, Linux, your watch … I’ll post more on that if anything comes of it.

Added Armies Page

I’ve created a page for keeping track of all the miniatures I have painted, plus what I’ve bought, prepped etc. Hopefully, this will help me not duplicate purchases, and inspire me to keep things moving through the pipeline. Every time I finish a miniature I’ll update this page.

I’ll keep the blog posts for when I finish a unit, or reach some other significant milestone.